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TECO Line Streetcar System
Streetcar Front Advertising Artwork Specifications

You may download these guidelines in Adobe Acrobat PDF format here.

Artwork for Print

• AI - Adobe Illustrator CS2 or earlier (Fonts expanded or converted to outlines)
• EPS - with all fonts converted to curves and using embedded or linked bitmaps
• CDR - Corel Draw 13 or earlier (Fonts converted to curves)
• Macromedia Freehand MX or earlier (Fonts converted to paths)
• PSD* - Photoshop CS2 or earlier (Minimum of 3,562 x 3,675 pixels - fonts rasterized, keep layers)
• TIF* - (Minimum of 3,562 x 3,675 pixels)
• JPG* - Very little or no compression (Minimum of 3,562 x 3,675 pixels)
• PDF* - Adobe Acrobat (Please use 'Press Quality' settings)

* Editing, if possible, is more difficult with these formats. PSD, TIF & JPG need be 150dpi or greater, 75dpi or greater for large format.

All files should be CMYK and/or PMS (Pantone Matching System) spot colors. Please bear in mind that drop shadows or transparency rendered over PMS colors convert the area below them to CMYK while the rest of the spot color stays a spot color making the color inconsistent. (In other words, if you want a drop shadow, don't place it over a spot, place it over CMYK and it will print fine. This is a postscript limitation and we are powerless to change it until Adobe possibly updates it in Postscript 4.) Should you need a drop shadow then please convert your underlying PMS to CMYK.

We are working on RGB profiling but it is not yet complete so we cannot guarantee consistency (or at times even color) using RGB elements. These guidelines will be updated when the profiling is complete.

When linking or embedding files please adhere to the 150dpi minimum using CMYK files. JPG compression less than 65% quality may show visible artifacting. Bitmaps need not be greater than 300dpi. No editing will be done to your files. Should changes be necessary you will be requested to submit modified artwork. If we are required to modify your artwork our design fee is $65/hour and font information may be requested.

File Submission

• E-Mail (Files under 20 meg)
• CD (Prefer PC format on CD or DVD)
• Compact Flash, Memory Stick, USB tag, etc.

Contact info can be found here.  Please include your contact information with all correspondence.


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